CP Management is celebrating its 35th anniversary and highlighting James Horne’s 20th anniversary as owner and President!

CP Management was established by Carolyn Kemezys and Tom Videyko in 1986 in Merrimack, NH. Eight years later, in 1994, James Horne joined the team. Before deciding to relocate to New Hampshire, Horne, who was born and raised in NYC, managed a sizable property portfolio throughout lower Manhattan and the Bronx. In 2001 Kemezys and Videyko decided to retire, and after working as a property manager at CP for seven years Horne purchased the business and took over as President.

Over the last 20 years, Horne has overseen the growth of the business into New Hampshire's #1 third party property manager that focuses on both residential and commercial property. CP’s portfolio has grown from about 35 properties in the early 2000s to over 100 currently; this includes approximately 4 million square feet of commercial & mixed space and over 2,500 housing units, made up of both condominiums and multifamily apartments. While the majority of managed properties remain in New Hampshire, CP’s territory has expanded to include Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Southern Maine.  The company relocated its headquarters from Merrimack to Exeter, NH and added offices in Manchester and Portsmouth to support an increase in employees from about 25 to over 80. Throughout this growth, CP has remained locally owned and operated while continuing to provide the highest industry quality standards. CP prides itself on never cutting corners and is constantly focused on preserving and growing the value of its clients’ properties.

The types of properties CP manages has also evolved over time. “In the mid ‘90’s a large part of our portfolio were foreclosures because three of the biggest banks went insolvent in the state. Pension funds, banks and insurance companies hired us to manage when they were forced to take over,” Horne said. “The buildings were a mess. We would come in, get the keys, and go to work. By ’98-’99, with our help, the properties had been turned around and were either sold or leased out at higher rate. In many cases, when they were sold, we continued to manage for the new owners which led to some great long-term relationships,” Horne said. When Horne took over the company was highly focused on commercial properties, but that has changed in the last decade or so. “Today, our portfolio is much more diversified. We still have a strong commercial portfolio but have been fortunate to add numerous residential multifamily and condominium properties in recent years. Our commercial roots give us a strong understanding of building systems and high-quality service that we have been able to bring to residential properties,” Horne said.

Even as the company President, Horne continues to manage a significant portfolio of about 20 properties, including nearly 1 million square feet of commercial space and 200 residential condo units. Employees and clients would say he is most at home when he is negotiating a tenant lease, leading a condominium board meeting, or inspecting HVAC systems. “What can I say? I love what I do,” Horne exclaims with a laugh. When asked what he is most proud of in his time as Owner & President, Horne is quick to say, “The loyalty of our clients and employees. There are members on our team that have been with the company for longer than me; many have been here 10, 20, even 30+ years. This consistency for clients helps protect their investments and has led to incredibly low turnover.” Horne added that he is proud to offer services for all different types of owners and condominium properties. “We aren’t just focusing on big clients and big portfolios; we work with many smaller clients and properties as well.” Horne hopes to continue to grow the business while providing the high-quality service that CP is known for.

Please join us in congratulating Jay Horne for 20 years of CP Management ownership! To learn more about how CP Management might be able to help with your property management needs visit www.cpmanagement.com or call us at 603-778-6300.