CP Management is Celebrating Work Anniversaries This Month!

CP Management would like to congratulate members of staff celebrating work anniversaries in 2023! We are honored that our loyal employees have chosen to be a part of our creative, productive, and stable work environment for many years. CP Management feels strongly about showing our appreciation for all that they do.

We asked those celebrating an anniversary, with an increment of 5 years, a few questions to learn more about them and their time at CP Management. Let’s see what they had to say…

Celebrating 30th Work Anniversary:

Tracy Longo – Chief Financial Officer – Exeter, NH

Tracy’s Favorite aspect of CP – “My favorite aspect of working at CP Management is the relationships I have developed with my staff and coworkers as it feels more like a family than a workplace.  Many of CP employees have been here for at least ten years and we all enjoy each other’s sense of humor and comradery.“

Favorite Memory – “One of my favorite memories is the Holiday Party that we had each year that often had an aggressive ‘Gift Swap’.“

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “I don’t particularly have a favorite building, as being in my position, I deal with clients rather than tenants/owners.   We have several clients that have been with us almost as long as I have been here.  When I began working for CP in 1993, we managed fifteen properties. Today we manage over one hundred and twenty.”

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “My favorite thing to do outside of work would be travelling with my family.  You can usually find me in the Caribbean a few times each year!  Additionally, I just started playing golf with my husband, Lou.”


Celebrating 25th Work Anniversary:

Les Marcotte – Maintenance Supervisor/Foreman – Portsmouth, NH

Les’ Favorite aspect of CP – “As the Foreman of our Pease portfolio, working with such a great crew that is mutually supportive. My job allows a good work/life balance with some flexibility of scheduling. Also, we live in Kittery Maine which is very close to Pease so I don’t have a long commute and I get to work in a beautiful part of the State.”

Favorite Memory – “I have so many great memories of my 25 years. Some include our tenant events. We have done events in big tents where we get to socialize with all the tenants in a non-work atmosphere. These were always fun.  Some of the maintenance challenges over the years can also be quite entertaining when I think back; they are too numerous to recount. Needless to say, I have learned how to deal with just about any type of maintenance emergency from exploding sewer pipes, to air conditioning that always goes out in the middle of the hottest days of summer. I remember when my kids were small, and I would sometimes bring them to work with me to prep the fountains in the spring. I would let my kids float around while I worked.  Overall, we have a great camaraderie with the people I work with including Norm Dupuis and Keith Rowe who help and support me every day. Also, having worked with Jay Horne all these years, we have a great working and personal relationship. I also love working with Katie McMaster. “

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “I don’t really have a favorite; I work at Pease Tradeport where all the buildings are within about a two-mile radius. I’ve watched this portfolio go from one building in 1999 to seventeen. I’m old enough that I’ve been around to watch a new building get old. “

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “Being in nature, kayaking, biking, collecting firewood.  I don’t like to pay for oil, so part of my hobby is to collect and chop enough wood to heat my home for the entire winter. I am also now collecting rocks to build a new stone wall to complement the existing stone walls on my property. My home is about 200 years old. These things make me feel immersed in the outdoor culture of Maine.“


Celebrating 10th Work Anniversary:

Martha St. Peter – Residential Coordinator – Exeter, NH

Martha’s Favorite aspect of CP – “I was hired by CP Management after working for a current client of CP Management for over 26 years.  Everyone at CP Management was very welcoming and my transition was very easy.  I cannot believe it’s been 10 years!  I have learned so much from my co-workers and I am appreciative of each of them and their friendship. “

 Favorite Memory – “I do not think I have a favorite as there are many, I enjoy the laughter we all share throughout the day. “

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “I do not think I have a ‘favorite’ property as I am involved with many different properties, and they are all unique.  I work mostly with residential condos and apartments, which I like.  I particularly enjoy working with individual unit owners and trying to help resolve any issues they may have.”

 Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “Being outside and enjoying time with my family.”


Mark Aubin  - Regional Director of Facilities – Manchester, NH

Mark’s Favorite aspect of CP – “Something different every day. The people I work with are great and all team players. You could say, I’m ‘Living the dream’.”

Favorite Memory “Probably has to be the CP laser tag function a few years ago. We all had a blast.”

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “The Country Shoppes - 58 Range rd. Windham NH. Such a diverse group of people and stores, I have become very friendly with all occupants.” 

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “During the warmer weather I can't wait to just get on the motorcycle and ride. During the winter I tend to participate in billiard tournaments.”  


Justin Beall – Maintenance Supervisor – Theb Edgebrook Residences, Merrimack, NH

Justin’s Favorite aspect of CP – “Not just being a number to my employer. Being known by name and being recognized for the work we do.”

Favorite Memory – “Not many people know this. But one time there was a large snowstorm, and I was driving the golf cart with a condenser unit in the back, and it fell out and rolled down the hill into the woods.”

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “My favorite property would be University Heights in Hooksett NH. This was my first property with CP Management, and I had lots of good times there with great staff.”

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “I love camping hiking kayaking being outside spending time with my grandson Jackson and most of all riding my bike with the guys.”


Walter Pastor – South New England Regional Property Manager – Providence, RI

Walter’s Favorite aspect of CP – “The people.  I wake up each morning and look forward to going into the office and spending time with a team that treats each other like family.”

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “While my career has taken me throughout New England, The 903 has become a second home for me.  While we treat every property like it is our own, it holds a special place to me.”

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “Playing outside with my 4-year-old Daughter.  When you spend as much time as we do in an office, getting outside and digging in the yard or playing whatever game she can imagine that day is a welcome retreat.”


Celebrating 5th Work Anniversary:

Barbara Pasquale – Receptionist – Exeter, NH

Barbara’s Favorite aspect of CP – “There is never a dull moment working for CP and answering the phones – every day is different and full of new challenges, which make the days go by quite quickly.”

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “The 11 Court Street Condo where our main office is. Never a dull moment here.”

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – My grandchildren are the lights in my life – spending as much time with them as possible, whether on the baseball field with my grandson or at dance competitions with my granddaughter.”


Katie Haidaczuk  - Property Manager – The Crosspoint Residences, Lowell, MA

Katie’s Favorite aspect of CP – Favorite aspect about working at CP is the sense of comradery. Everyone is willing to help anyone else out.“

Favorite Memory – Favorite memory was the CP holiday party in 2019, ice skating and silliness.”

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “My favorite building is Crosspoint obviously, because it’s my building and I have the best team.”

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “Favorite thing to do outside of work is travel with my husband, go to concerts, the movies, and spending time with my cats.”


Coleen Kingsley  - Assistant Manager – The Edgebrook Residences, Merrimack, NH

Coleen’s Favorite aspect of CP – “I very much enjoy that we are made to feel appreciated often.“

Favorite Memory – “I don’t have one memory, I love team events when we can get together outside of the office with other team members that we don’t get to see on a daily basis.”

Favorite Building Managed by CP – “My favorite property was University Heights, there were so many amazing views.  The residents were also great!”

Favorite Activities Outside of Work – “I love spending time with my family and granddaughter.”


We would also like to congratulate Daren Geddes on his 15th work anniversary, Miriam LeClair, Mike Bernier, Arthur Breslin and Gerald Florio who are celebrating their 10th anniversary as well as Sean Parker, Michael Street and Omar Sanchez who are celebrating 5 years with CP Management this year!

Please join us in congratulating these 17 employees on their hard work and dedication over the years! We appreciate all you do for our company and look forward to celebrating more work anniversaries with you in the future. If you are interested in opportunities at CP Management reach out to info@cpmanagement.com or call us at 603-778-6300.